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Simon Shieh

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Simon ShiehName: Simon Shieh

Gender: Male

Country: USA

Experience: Black Belt 3rd Degree in Tang Soo Do, Red Band 5th Khan in Black Tiger Muay Thai, 3 years training under the Black Tiger System, 10+ years martial arts training


I have been training with Adjarn Vince Soberano in Muay Thai since January of 2009, when he was teaching in a small space in Beijing’s SOHO neighborhood. The classes were always packed with people who left the floor wet with sweat, the windows fogged, and would always leave tired and satisfied. Since the first class I took with Adjarn Vince I knew his instruction would take me to the level where I wanted to be.

The environment he creates in his gym is one promoting simple hard work and a serious attitude towards martial arts and fitness, while upholding a strong feeling of camaraderie and openness towards all students ranging from very beginner to advanced, Chinese to expatriate, male to female.

Finding Black Tiger in Beijing was a relief for me; the training is as tough as any gym or karate school I trained at in the U.S. and the classes always consist of fresh material that has reinvented my idea of Muay Thai and martial arts in general.



Timo Pyeon

Strength, Stamina and Skill - in just 3 months!

Name: Timo Pyeon

Gender: Male Age: 30 years old Occupation: Educator

Country: UK

Training Experience:

2 months Muay Thai group classes in 2009 then nothing until July 2010 when I started Personal Training with Vince.


I have always been in reasonable shape, always tried to look after my health by eating and going to the gym. No matter what I’ve done my level of conditioning, strength and appearance have never drastically altered. I’ve always put this down to my genetics and been fatalistic about it; I’m one of those guys who can eat and eat and not put on any weight.

Unfortunately this summer I contracted mononucleosis and was incapacitated for a month. During that time my spleen and liver enlarged, I lost all my energy and appetite and was generally a wreck. When I got better I was determined to really get in shape.

Rather than just banging away at the gym doing the same thing as I’ve always done I decided to bite the bullet and do some personal training sessions with Vince. Honestly speaking the price was daunting and I was nervous as I was so out of shape and crap at Muay Thai.

I needn’t have worried at all, Vince is a fantastic coach. He listened to what I wanted out of the sessions (to get in shape and kick arse), assessed my skill and fitness level then got me working hard.


Sandra Smith

Never looked or felt better!

Name: Sandra SmithSandra Smith

Gender: Female

Country: USA/Jamaica

Training Experience:

Started in August 2010 in Vince's Muay Thai Kickboxing Fitness Class for Women.


I have been working out at the gym since I was 18 years of age. Until I started attending Black Tiger Muay Thai kickboxing classes my body has never looked or felt better. I began attending classes in August 2010 working out three days a week for three months. This is my fifth month and I love the class and have seen amazing results! So how does a kickboxing class translate to an energizing and body-sculpting workout for a fit minded girl? The interval style of the cardiovascular endurance and strength training involved in kickboxing is a great way to burn fat and shrink away those love handles. Let me tell you it works! Kickboxing is fun and a great form of exercise for all.

Performing thirty minutes of cardio, shadow boxing and bag work will make you a believer. If you decide to try this wonderful intense kickboxing class, remember the first day is always the hardest, so don’t let the bags defeat you!



Melanie Gao

"...Curves I Hadn't Seen In Years..."

Name: Melanie GaoMelanie Gao

Gender: Female

Country: USA

Experience: Newbie!


When I first walked into Black Tiger Fitness Studio I thought I didn't belong there.  Everyone in the class was so toned and fit - and I was a dedicated couch potato.  But I decided I had come this far and I should at least try one lesson and see how it went. 

That first lesson was tough.  I pushed myself, I sweated, I huffed, I puffed, I stretched and strained.  And then Vince said, "Okay, that was a good warm up!  Let's start our work out." 

Needless to say, I was a little sore after that first workout.  But I could tell Vince's workouts were effective so I went back for a second workout and a third and a fourth.  After about two weeks I found I was less sore and more toned.  After a month I was seeing curves I hadn't seen in years.  After two months I realized that, at age 41, I was in better shape than I had been in my entire life.  That is no exaggeration.  Vince knows what he's doing.

In addition to getting me into good physical shape, I also discovered that kick boxing really gets rid of stress.  After my workouts I'm more relaxed and my family says I'm funnier. 

I'm so glad I went into Black Tiger Fitness Studio that first day and that I kept going back.  Best decision I've made in a long time.