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1st Intramurals and Rank Testing

Adults and Kids Compete in Black Tiger's First Intramural Tourney

Olivier's throws a high kick to Darek

On two separate dates this year, February 18 and March 3, Black Tiger Club held its first intramural tournament and rank testing for kids and adult students at the new Black Tiger Club location in the Hyundai Building, Xiaoyun Road, Beijing. The event was both a competition and a grading test.  Students got a chance to compete for trophies and medals in categories such as sparring, fitness conditioning and technical demonstrations. They also tested for rank promotions at the same time. Black Tiger Club uses the traditional Black Tiger Muay Thai Student Ranking System, as well as the new Black Tiger MMA System. Each level requires certain skill sets, techniques and conditioning proficiencies according to the published system that Black Tiger students learn in training. This ranking system gives students who are not on the professional competition track an opportunity to measure their invested time and effort through defined progress and inherent skills. It provides a sense of accomplishment, a motivational factor and a unified, tangible goal for all students at Black Tiger Club locations everywhere.

The Student of the Year Award was coveted by top-notcher Nathan Janser while Student of the Month Awards were given to Hilla Olsson, Caspar Gescher, June Wang and Tim Schneider. Tournament Grand Champions were Sebastian Rodriguez (Adults Division),  Kyle Monahan (Juniors Division) and Nadia Carrie (Kids Division).

Adults Tournament

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Kids Tournament

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