Functional Training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts

Adjarn Ruben Rowell's Muay Thai Masters Workshop

December 21-22, 2013 - The Annual Black Tiger Muay Thai Masters Workshop was held in Beijing. Adjarn ba Kru Ruben Rowell from Oceanside, California, conducted the successful workshop with a maximum of 20 selected participants from all around China. The workshop focused on traditional Muay Thai techniques and conditioning.


Senior Instructor and Master Instructor Certifications

At the end of the training, on December 22, Adjarn Vince Soberano awarded rank promotions to two senior instructors in the Black Tiger Worldwide Muay Thai System. 6th Khan Kru Jun Tenaja (Philippines) received his promotion to 8th Khan Level 1 (Black-and-White Prajiat). Most significantly, 8th Khan Kru Ruben Rowell (USA) became the second certified master (Adjarn) in the Seuua Dahm (Black Tiger) Muay Thai System when he received his promotion to 9th Khan Level 1. Congratulations to Kru Jun and Adjarn Ruben for a job well done!


Adjarn Ruben will now officially represent the Black Tiger Muay Thai System in North America, taking over all certification authority from Adjarn Vince who will now focus on Asia and Europe only. A revamp of the current certification system will also soon be announced to clarify the ambiguity of Black Tiger certificates issued in the past without satisfying prescribed requirements and standards. Adjarn Ruben will handle this undertaking, with the goal of unifying all certified Black Tiger students and instructors in an organized and legitimate Muay Thai training system. Black Tiger Worldwide Muay Thai is a non-profit organization and its only goal is to maintain the highest standards of Muay Thai training and instruction, and unite students and instructors under one system all around the world.