Functional Training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts

Black Tiger Training Center in US Embassy Area

Newsflash: New Black Tiger training facility in US Embassy area

Black Tiger CATS (Cardio-Aerobic-Technique-Strength) Training System

Experience our newest and most unique training system is called Black Tiger CATS (Cardio-Aerobic-Technique-Strength) in a tropical climate environment (warm and humid) all year round. You'll think you were in Thailand!

Cardio Training
  • OPTION 1: 10 minutes on the treadmill
  • OPTION 2: 10 minutes on the elliptical machine
  • OPTION 3: 10 minutes skipping rope
Aerobic Training
  • MUAY THAI: 10 minutes of shadowboxing, aero-kickboxing and metabolic training
  • MMA: 10 minutes of ground and wrestling conditioning, and metabolic training
Technique Training
  • MUAY THAI: 40 minutes of technical instruction, pads and sparring drills
  • MMA: 40 minutes of technical instruction, grappling, padwork and drills
Strength Training
  • OPTION 1: 20 minutes of weight training
  • OPTION 2: 20 minutes of swimming (laps)



Location coverage:

Chaoyang Park, Liangmaqiao (US Embassy) Road, Lidu areas

Location Map

Taxi instructions (Show this to your taxi driver):

taxi directions

Subway instructions:

Line 10 to Liangmaqiao Station

Then cross the street and go left, towards Lucky Street. We are at the corner, right across the street from the Japanese Embassy and Lucky Street, in the big dome building.