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UFC 127 Produces First Chinese MMA International Fighting Star

Zhang Tiequan Represents China Top Team & Black Tiger at UFC 127

UFC 127 Making history After two months of high-intensity training and 10 kg weight-loss, a leaner, stronger, faster Zhang "The Mongolian Wolf" Tie Quan became the first Chinese to fight and win at the world's #1 fighting event, the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Bouncing off a loss in the U.S. in December, Zhang didn't waste any time preparing for the most important fight of his career.  His long-time friend and coach, Muay Thai master Vince Soberano, joined forces with China Top Team's head coach, Ruy Menezes, and was tasked to develop and implement a training plan that would make The Mongolian Wolf drop 10 kg in 2 months and yet bolster his strength, and improve his striking skills. This, according to Zhang, was the toughest and most hardcore training regimen he has ever been through. And it worked.


The payoff came in only 48 seconds of the first round, as Zhang choked out his opponent, Jason Reinhardt, a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt from the U.S., with a previous record of 20-1. After stunning Reinhardt with lightning fast punches in the first 30 seconds and sending him backwards to the cage, Zhang caught the American with a solid guillotine choke that practically knocked him out, just milli-seconds after he tapped out.

Congratulations to The Mongolian Wolf for making history in China as the first Chinese to fight and win in the UFC!

Stiking power TQ chokes Jason Choke
TQ with coaches Ruy and Vince TQ and Coach Vince in the UFC Octagon Choked unconscious
Training at Black Tiger Padwork with Coach Vince Cardio training

For more photos of Tiequan's training at Black Tiger, CLICK HERE!

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