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Carbohydrates for Fuel

Getting Healthy With the Right Carbs

Grains for healthy carbsOne of the main causes of illnesses and ailments is unstable blood sugar levels. If you are on a blood sugar roller coaster, you are highly susceptible to exhaustion, mood disorders, obesity and a depleted immune system, making you prone to all sorts of illnesses.

You can address unstable blood sugar by breaking your meal schedule into 6 meals per day. In addition, you need to eat carbs from sources that burn low and slow instead of high and fast.

A carbohydrate is the basic unit of fuel your body consumes daily. It is the first thing your body looks for to fuel energy. If you have excess supplies, carbohydrates are metabolically efficient at being stored as fat.

Good but not good. Not all carbs are created equally. Some are better for you than others. Some carbs are what we call simple or refined carbs. Think sugar and anything that has sugar in it like candy, soda pop, sweets, processed food, corn syrup etc. Think also refined white flour and things made from flour like bread and pasta. In a tablespoon of sugar you have a whole bunch of calories and nothing else. That’s right, it is empty calories. What is worse is that it will spike your blood sugar very quickly. This is followed by a blood sugar crash. This is the uneven up and down energy to exhaustion cycle so many of us experience throughout the day. If you make a habit of this by eating a sweet based, refined carbs diets then disease and obesity won’t be far behind.

There is a solution. Some carbs will burn cleanly and slowly. These carbs keep your blood sugar level throughout the day and are packed with other nutrients you body needs. Follow the prescribed program below to start managing your carbohydrate intake for a better, healthier body.

The "Right Carbs" Program

If you are eating sugar in any form STOP. YES COLD TURKEY (in fact cold turkey would be better for you than a candy bar).

If you are eating pasta or breads make a shift to healthier carbs such as:

  • Sweet potatoes
  • Whole grains
  • Quinoa Millet Beans
  • Legumes
  • lentils
  • Root vegetables


  • Fruits

Severely limit:

  • Breads and pasta and anything with refined flour


  • Soda pop
  • Candy
  • Corn syrup
  • Anything sweet with sugar in it.

If you follow through with this step, you will start to notice more and more energy throughout the day. Energy enhances and improves your workouts, and helps you burn even more calories everyday, resulting in a healthier lifestyle and an increasingly fit body.