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A Guide to Getting Shredded
Written by Cooper Elling   

Train to Get Ripped

Get ripped!If you asked a lot of people what their ideal body would look like, you'd probably hear the word ripped a good amount. Most people want a strong, lean body because not only does it look good, but you're probably also in fantastic physical condition.  Having this type of body means you're probably strong, can go all day, and have fun doing it.  So, what do you have to do to get ripped?


Obviously one of the main keys to being ripped is being strong.  Mixing low rep, high weight exercises with high rep, lower weight exercises will really help.  The lower rep exercises will help make you stronger, but the higher reps and low weight will work towards that lean, tone look.  Put the both together and you've got a winning combination! Make sure you focus mainly on the bigger muscle groups; chest, back, legs, and core before honing in on the smaller groups.  I like to start workouts with all-around medium and heavier weight exercises and then finish off with high rep exercises to the point of failure. You'll really be feeling the burn!


Well, you can't be shredded with a bunch of fat on your body.  For those abs to pop out, you can't have that much body fat.  Find what's fun for you to really burn those calories.  Do martial arts, play basketball, racquetball or any other high intensity sport. You could also consider the pool.  I also like to mix lifting weights with cardio, switching from exercises quickly and throwing in 5 minutes on the elliptical or anything that will get your breathing hard and keep your heart rate up every now and then.

Ripped and shredded


Part of that ripped, lean look is to have a solid pack of abs.  I've worked out with too many people who neglect the core exercises.  Six-pack aside, the core is probably the most important part of your body, keeping you balanced and strong throughout.  Make sure you spend plenty of time on a mat working your abs. If you get bored of your typical ab routine, look around to see what other things people are doing to work their core and give it a shot.  Really push yourself with your abs.  Way too many people will do the same routine over and over instead of continually pushing themselves.


To have a great, healthy body you need to eat right.  A healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water will do the trick.  Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and good carbs and you'll benefit in two ways.  Your body will look fantastic and you'll have the energy to get out and play all day to keep that shredded look you love!

Body Type

Everyone's body is going to have a different version of being ripped.  Don't get caught up trying to have a 12 pack or some specific look.  The main point is to be in great shape and being ripped is an excellent side effect.  So, while you can work out a specific area more if you have certain goals, don't get stuck on it.  Work hard, play hard, eat right and you're going to be looking your best and feeling your best.

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