Functional Training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts


A New Kind of Fitness - Functional, Effective and Loads of Fun

Black Tiger Fight Club has teamed up with Human In Motion Fitness Studio to offer the first complete Functional Training and certified Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning training in the Chaoyang Park area as well as the Shunyi area of Beijing.


Human In Motion is the leading educator on functional training throughout Beijing. Black Tiger is the creator of the Fight Fitness - a Muay Thai and martial arts based fitness training system. Our instructors are certified MMA Strength & Conditioning coaches from one of America's top functional training organizations, the Institute of Human Performance, based in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to other fitness training certifications, all our instructors are also trained and certified CPR Emergency Responders.

Together our goal is to provide quality fitness education, training, and the newest exercise tools the market has to offer. Whether our clients passion is martial arts, running, swimming, biking, tennis, soccer, or any other activity we have the tools and training protocol for everyone. The new Human in Motion and Black Tiger fitness studios provide personalized training sessions as well as group instruction in English. We continually strive to provide unbeatable quality through our safe and effective training systems.



Black Tiger Kaewsamrit Muay Thai

Sawasdee khrup!

Vince Soberano Kaewsamrit

Black Tiger Kaewsamrit offers the best Thai Boxing technical and fitness training in Beijing with master instructor, Vince Soberano Kaewsamrit through his unique, results-driven training system. Kaewsamrit Gym in Bangkok, Thailand is Kru Vince's home gym and the home of legendary Muay Thai champions such as Anuwat Kaewsamrit, the Iron Hands of Siam. In America, Black Tiger Gym was the first fully-equipped Muay Thai fight gym in San Diego, California. Founded in 1992 by Kru Vince, Black Tiger has produced world champions, master instructors and professional fighters over the years. Since then, many graduates of the original Black Tiger Gym have founded their own Muay Thai schools all over the United States, Europe and Asia. The proud tradition of Black Tiger Muay Thai is now at home in Beijing, China!

黑虎Kaewsamrit健 身馆提供全北京最好最正宗的泰拳训练,拥有世界冠军顶级教官Vince Soberano Kaewsamrit以及其它注册泰拳教官。泰国曼谷的Kaewsamrit健身馆培养出了Kru Vince,也培养了Anuwat Kaewsamrit 、铁腕Siam等泰拳世界冠军。在美国,黑虎健身馆是加州圣地亚哥第一家完善的泰拳健身馆。Kru Vince1992年成立黑虎,多年来培养了许多世界冠军、顶级教练和专业拳手。黑虎成立之后培养的许多毕业生在美国、欧洲和亚洲又成立了许多泰拳学校。 现在,在中国北京就可以领略黑虎泰拳馆的风采了 !




Black Tiger Muay Thai (Since 1992)

Photo Gallery

Old Photos of Vince and Black Tiger Gym in California, USA

1992: Las Vegas, Nevada

1986: Los Angeles, California

1994: San Diego, California

1995: Trained and fought under Muay Thai legend
and world champion, Coban Lookmaesaethong

1986: Trained and fought under
kickboxing legend world champion,
Benny "The Jet" Urquidez

1994: Trained under San Diego's legendary
boxing coach, Pops Murphy

1993: The original Black Tiger Gym on Miramar Road,
San Diego, California USA

1993: The original Black Tiger Muay Thai Kickboxing
Fight Team, San Diego's first Muay Thai fight team


The Origin of Black Tiger Muay Thai

How I started Black Tiger Muay Thai

by Vince Soberano

It all started in 1992. I had just won the North American WKA title in Van Nuys and I had this idea that I'd shoot for the world title. At that time, I was training at 3 different gyms: a Laotian (Muay Lao) school in Southeast San Diego, Jesse Valdez' boxing gym in downtown San Diego, and the Muay Thai Academy in North Hollywood. I was tired of driving long distances just for training when I had a full-time job in the IT industry at the same time. My trainer at the Muay Lao school told me that if I opened a small studio near my home in Mira Mesa, he'd train me there. A guy I worked out with at the boxing gym was a carpenter by trade and offered to go in with me on opening our own Muay Thai club. So the gears were set in motion. We found a 400-square-foot studio space in the warehouse district of Miramar, right across the street from the former Navy Top Gun base. We named the studio "Black Tiger School of Thai Boxing" after the fight moniker that the Thais gave me. From there, the legacy was born.

Original Black Tiger students

To make a long story short, all the people mentioned above ended up falling out of the picture. Within 2 months I was left alone to run and manage the gym. This was supposed to be a training studio for me and my Lao trainer was supposed to teach classes to bring in revenue. However, left alone to run the place, I was not financially prepared. So I started teaching classes and brought in some students, starting with my three cousins and their friend.

After I quelled a big gang fight at the hotel where I worked at nearby and dropped at least 10 goons, suddenly the local community knew about me. My Muay Thai club blossomed within weeks if not days.  By the 4th month, I expanded to the space next door. It wasn't enough. By the 5th month, I took over another space, bringing my gym from 400 square meters to nearly 2000 square meters. I installed a full-size boxing ring and a wide range of training equipment, from heavy bags and Thai pads to weight machines, thus becoming the first fully-equipped Muay Thai training center in San Diego.

The original Black Tiger

By the end of the year, I quit my job and dedicated full-time efforts to run my gym and fight professionally.  In the beginning, money was tight so I moved out of my apartment and lived in the storage closet of my gym for almost a year.

During the next three years, I developed the Black Tiger Muay Thai system with student ranking levels, I promoted the first Muay Thai fights in San Diego at prestigious locations such as 5-star hotels, and I fought for the world title.  It was a fast year filled with excitement and achievements, as well as its share of ups-and-downs. Then the Internet Boom started. My friends in the IT industry were starting to rake in some major cash. My family and friends encouraged me to return to the industry and resume my career, rather than remain a "lowly" martial arts instructor. The offers started rolling in and the money was too tempting.

The Black Tiger fight team

So eventually I caved in.  I sold the gym to one of my students and assistant coaches, and moved on with my life and career. I fought a few more times and in 1997 called it quits. By 1998, I had moved to Silicon Valley with a lucrative job in the software engineering industry.  Black Tiger Gym became history, and for me, a legacy.

I never imagined that in 2006, in Beijing of all places, Black Tiger would be reborn...